About me!

Freelance English Communication Trainer in Germany.  Client’s include Siemens AG, Deutsche Bank, Bosch, T-Mobile & Nürnberg University.

Prior to coming to Germany, spent 14 years in the fun and games, stress and hardship of the corportate world.  My business experience incorporates supply chain, materials & logisitical planning, inventory management, account management and specialised high level recruitment / head-hunting.

Now an English Language Trainer and “‘lovin it’!  Fasinated in ELT methodology and the psychology of learning & motivation.  Highly interested in Teaching Unplugged and Lexical pproaches.

A firm believer that the English classroom should be a place of real authentic conversation, collaboration & of course fun!  Like a flourishing garden..nurture it, don’t manage it!

Love travelling, sports (playing and watching), cooking.  Firm believer of continuous learning and personal growth.

Feel free to take a peak at some of my photo’s below.  Looking forward to branching out in to the world of ELT blogging, connecting with you, building & sharing knowledge and hearing from you soon.


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